Ginger Sling is the musical project of Ginger Pooley started in 2004. Ginger is a songwriter who also played bass for the Smashing Pumpkins. Prior to starting Ginger Sling, she was a member of the band the Halo Friendlies. The Halos toured for many years and put out 2 albums and an EP. After the breakup of the Halos, Ginger began writing her own songs and released 2 EP’s under the name Ginger Sling.

In 2006, she started rehearsing with the Smashing Pumpkins and in 2007 it was announced that she was officially the new bass player for the band. The band toured promoting their new record “Zeitgeist” from June of 2007 through December 2008. The band also toured in celebration of their 20th Anniversary. She amicably left the band in early 2010.

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